Terms & Conditions


• Children age 2 and up count as guests/occupants. Please include all guests including any under age 2.

• Please keep in mind that the property has a maximum occupancy that cannot be exceeded.


The maximum occupancy of our homes is 6 adults and children 2 years and older. Exceeding the maximum number of guests is grounds for immediate termination without refund. Children under 2 do not count toward maximum occupancy. Housing additional guests in sleeping bags or air mattresses is allowed at an extra cost per occupant ($20.00 Dollars). An occupant (or guest) list must be provided on your rental agreement, including name, age, and number of nights each person will be staying at the property.


• Pets are allowed with prior approval for an additional fee. Maximum number of pets allowed is 2. Pet owners must pick up droppings, and keep pets off of furniture and bedding.

• Parties found with pets without prior approval will be fined ($10.00 per pet). Any pet damage will be charged back to renters.


Reservation Hold Payment

• A reservation hold payment of 50% of your reservation is due within 4 business days of booking. If we do not receive these monies within 4 business days of booking, your reservation is subject to cancelation.

• Reservations will not be considered confirmed until Cartagena Ocean Breeze has received the reservation hold payment and signed rental agreement. Once the reservation hold payment is received, whether or not the rental agreement has been completed, the regular cancelation policy applies.

Balance Due

The balance of your payment is due upon your arrival. The day of your arrival Cartagena Ocean Breeze will automatically charge the balance due to the credit card on file that was used for your reservation hold payment. If we do not receive the balance, your reservation is subject to cancelation.


(for stays 20 days or less)*

• If you need to cancel your reservation for any reason, notify us as soon as possible. If you notify us of cancellation more than 5 days prior to scheduled arrival, all monies will be returned.

• If you cancel your reservation within 5 days of your scheduled arrival, 50% of your initial deposit will be retained.

• In cases where a rental agreement is not completed and returned within the 4 business days, the reservation is subject to cancellation. If a rental agreement has not been received or the guest has decided to cancel their reservation, the regular cancellation policy applies (see above).


Keys will be given to you upon arrival and after showing proper Identification. A code will be provided to your prior to your arrival and via e-mail. The code is to be given to the front desk person in charge of giving you the keys. If no code is provided, and if you lack the proper Identification, no keys will be given. There is a $25 charge for keys not returned.


The address will be provided two days prior to your arrival. We will provide you with the address via e-mail.


A lockout consists of when a guest locks themselves out of a property and needs assistance from our staff to re-enter. A minimum of a $20 fee will be charged for all lockouts.


Our home is privately owned and we prohibit house parties that will disturb the neighbors. Any guests abusing this policy will be asked to leave immediately with no refund. Please make sure that, after 10:00PM, music and voices are not audible outside of your rental.


• Every effort is made to keep the property and its equipment in good working order, but just like with your own home, failures do occur. Please notify the front desk staff of any maintenance problems or difficulty you experience during your stay as soon as possible so repairs can be scheduled. Info one is there to assist you, a phone number will be provided via e-mail prior to your arrival for any emergencies or needs you may encounter.

• Please remember NO REFUNDS/REBATES will be given for mechanical failures. However, we will make every effort to provide alternative accommodations or compensation. We appreciate your understanding.


• Smoking is not allowed in our home. If smoking outside, be aware of fire danger. You will be charged for clean-up if excessive cigarette butts are found within premises. Parties found smoking in the home will be charged a penalty fee ($10.00 dollars) and will pay any associated cleaning costs if applicable.

• The use of illegal drugs is forbidden. Any guests abusing this policy will be asked to leave immediately with no refund. Guests are solely responsible for such practices, and any violations will be handled by local law enforcement authorities. We will not be held responsible for your actions within the premises.


• Our home will be furnished with bed and kitchen linens. Please bring your own bath towels. Basic household products such as trash bags, paper towels, and toilet paper will be provided. Please bring your own toiletries. Homes are cleaned prior to your arrival, and inspected after check-out only. If you wish to have housekeeping services during your stay, please inform us to make arrangements only if possible.

• Our homes are not generally equipped with irons, ironing boards, or hair dryers. Please bring your own.


• Renters are responsible for any damages or theft. You may be charged for such things as: abuse, damage above normal wear and tear, garbage left at home, pet damage, theft and extra cleaning costs.

Renter will be liable for all costs associated with unreported damage. Intentional damage will be the responsibility of renter and additional fees may apply. Pet damage will not be covered; renter is responsible for any pet-related damage.


Discharging weapons of any kind, igniting fireworks, lewd or offensive behavior, destructive abuse of home or landscape, terrorizing wildlife, and disrespectful treatment of rental agents is not allowed. Violators are subject to immediate termination of rental and dismissal without refund. Any damage will be charged back to renter.


Do not flush any items except bath tissue and appropriate organic material. Please do not overuse the water supply. You are responsible for costs incurred from abuse or negligence.


When departing, please check for personal items. Left items that are found can be returned upon request, with a fee for retrieval, processing, and shipping. Unclaimed items will be disposed of 30 days after a guest’s departure date.


Please do not rearrange furniture or other items at the home. You may not agree with the placement of items, however, this is the arrangement preferred by the owner. If you do move an item or piece of furniture, please return to its original location upon check-out.


Trash will be removed from the property upon checkout. Our cleaning staff will remove it for you. The building offers a trash dumpster adjacent to the parking lot. You may use these during your stay.


Every effort is made to ensure that the information on our website is as accurate as possible. We are not responsible for incorrect assumptions regarding cell phone coverage, internet access, TV service, etc. Depending on the extent of the repairs, it might take several days to schedule a service appointment. Amenities like Satellite TV can be affected by bad weather; we cannot guarantee its functionality and we will not provide any refunds or rebates in cases of failure. We will make every effort to remedy the situation as soon as possible.


The guest agrees to indemnify and save individual homeowner, Cartagena Ocean Breeze and the building, free and harmless for any liabilities or any loss or damages whatsoever arising from, related to, or in connection with rental of the premises. This includes, but is not limited to any claim or liability for personal injury or damage or loss of property, which is made, incurred or sustained, by guest or guest of guest, or any occupants of the premise.

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